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ACO Administrative Contracting Officer
AE Ammunition and Explosives
A&E  Architectural and Engineering
A&T  Administrative and Technical Status
AA&E  Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives
AAC  Activity Address Code
AAP  Affirmative Action Plan
AAR  Average Annual Rate; After Action Review/Report; Association of American Railroads
AAS  Automated Accounting System
ABC  Activity-Based Costing
ACA   Air Clearance Authority
ACAT  Acquisition Category
ACB   Allocated Configuration Baseline
ACC  Air Combat Command
ACD  Administrative Commitment Document or Administrative Control Desk or Analysis Completion Date
ACE  Acquisition Enhancement
ACF  Acceptance Check Flight
ACI  Allocated Configuration Identification or Automatic Coding of Invoices
ACM  Authorized Controlled Material
ACMP  Annual Cost Monitoring Plan
ACMR  Annual Cost Monitoring Report
ACO  Administrative Contracting Officer
ACOM  Atlantic Command
ACRN  Accounting Classification Reference Number
ACTS Automated Configuration Tracking System
ACWP  Actual Cost of Work Performed
AD Armored Division
ADA  Advanced Delivery Alert
ADP  Automatic Data Processing
ADPE  Automatic Data Processing Equipment
ADR   Alternate Dispute Resolution
A/E   Accrued Expenditure
AECA Arms Export Control Act
AES Automated Export System
AFCAP Air Force Contract Administration Program
AFCESA Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency
AFGE  American Federation of Government Employees
AFFOR Air Force Forces
AFL/CIO American Federation of Labor/Congress of Industrial Organizations
AFMC  Air Force Material Command
AFP   Air Force Pamphlet
AFR   Air Force Regulation
AFRC Aircraft Flight Risk Clause
AFSC  Air Force Systems Command
AGO   Administrative Grants Officer
AH   Alternate Headquarters or Attack Helicopter
AIMCR Alternative Internal Management Control Review
AIS   Automatic Information System
ALC   Air Logistics Center
AMC   Army Materiel Command; Air Mobility Command
AMCP  Army Materiel Command Pamphlet
AMEC  Army Management Engineering College
AMIS  Automated Management Information System
AMM Aviation Maintenance Manager
AMS Automated Metrics System
AMSDL Authorized Management Systems and Data Requirements List
ANORS Aircraft Not Operationally Ready Supply
ANSI  American National Standards Institute
AO Area of Operations
AOCI  Accredited Off Campus Instruction
AOCP  Aircraft Out of Commission Parts Needed
AOI Aviation Operations Inspection
AOR   Area of Responsibility
APCAPS Automated, Payroll, Cost and Personnel System
API   Automatic Payment of Invoices
APO   Army Post Office or Air Post Office
APOD  Aerial Port of Debarkation
APOE  Aerial Port of Embarkation
AQL   Acceptable Quality Level
AR   Acceleration Request or Army Regulation
ARCENT Army Central Command
ARCOM U.S. Army Material Development & Readiness Command
ARFOR Army Forces
ARM Activity Reimbursable Monitor/Manager
ARP   Alternate Release Procedure
ASA Annual Statement of Assurance
ASAP  As Soon As Possible
ASBCA Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals
ASI   Amended Shipping Instructions
ASN(S&L) Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Shipbuilding and Logistics)
ASO Aviation Safety Officer
ASPM  Armed Services Procurement Manual
ASPPO Armed Services Production Planning Officer
ASRSC Armed Services Research Specialist Committee
ATA   Air Transport Authority
ATE   Automatic Test Equipment
ATLAS Abbreviated Test Language for All Systems
ATP   Acceptance Test Procedures
ATRRS Army Training Requirements and Resources System
ATTLA Air Transportability Test Loading Agency
AUO   Area Utilization Officer
AUTODIN Automatic Digital Network
B&P   Bid and Proposal
BAC   Budget at Completion
BBS   Bulletin Board Service
BCEFM Business, Cost Estimating, and Financial Management
BCWP  Budgeted Cost of Work Performed
BCWR  Budgeted Cost of Work Remaining
BCWS  Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled
BDC  Bureau of Domestic Commerce
BEI Baseline Execution Index
BEP  Basic Emergency Plan
BIC Business Information Center
BOA  Basic Ordering Agreement
BOB  Beginning of Business
BOL Bill of Lading
BOT  Beginning of Transmission
BPA  Blanket Purchasing Agreement
BRAC  Base Realignment and Closure
C&T   Clothing and Textile
C/SCS Cost/Schedule Control System
C/SCSC Cost/Schedule Control Systems Criteria
C/SPCC Cost/Schedule Planning Control Specification
C/SSR Cost/Schedule Status Report
C/STCS Cost/Schedule Technical Control System
C2 Command and Control
CA Cost Account, Contract Administration, Corrective Action, Contract Administrator, or Contractor Assessment
CAB  Corrective Action Board
CAC  Contract Audit Coordinator or Cost at Completion
CACO  Corporate Administrative Contracting Officer
CAD   Computer Aided Design or Contract Administration Data, Contract Administration Data Reference List
CADR  Contract Administration Data Record
CAE  Computer Aided Engineering
CAFU Contract Audit Follow Up
CAGE  Commercial and Government Entity
CAIG  Cost Analysis Improvement Group
CAL  Contractor Alert List
CAM  Computer Aided Manufacturing, (DCAA) Contract Audit Manual
CAO  Contract Administration Office
CAP  Contractor Acquired Property or Corrective Action Plan or Crisis Action Planning
CAR  Contract Administration Report or Corrective Action Request
CAS  Contract Administration Services; Cost Accounting Standards; Contract Awarding Systems
CASB  Cost Accounting Standards Board
CASD Contract Administration Services Directory
CATS  Carload and Truckload Shipments
CBB  Contract Budget Baseline
CBP Customs Border and Protection
CBL  Commercial Bill of Lading
CCAS  Contingency Contract Administration Services
CCB  Configuration Control Board
CCDR  Contract Cost Data Reporting
CCN  Contract Completion Notice
CCP  Central Control Point
CD Criticality Designator
CD&F  Class Determination and Findings
CDI  Contract Data Input
CDR  Critical Design Review
CDRL  Contract Data Requirements List
CDRS  Container Design Retrieval System
CE Concurrent Engineering
CEC  Contractor Employment Compliance
CECSR Contractor Employment Compensation System Review
CENTCOM Central Command
CEMR  Contractor Estimating Methods Review
CEOS  Corporate Equal Opportunity Specialist
CEQ  Council on Environmental Quality
CER  Cost Estimating Relationship
CESR  Contractor Estimating System Review
CF Customs Form
CFC  Combined Forces Command
CFE  Contractor Furnished Equipment
CFMP Contractor Freight Management Procedures
CFR  Code of Federal Regulations
CFSR  Contract Funds Status Report
CG Comptroller General
CHB Customhouse Broker
CI Configuration Item
CIDR  Contract Item Delinquency Report
CIF  Cost, Insurance, and Freight or Clothing Issue Facility
CIIN Controlled Inventory Item Code
CINC  Commander-in-Chief
CIO  Continuous Improvement Opportunity; Chief Information Officer
CIP  Contractor Improvement Program or Plan
CIPR  Contractor Insurance/Pension Review
CIR  Cost Information Report
CIRS  Contractor Inventory Redistribution Center
CIVR  Configuration Item Verification Review
CJ&A  Class Justification and Approval
CJCS Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJTF  Commander, Joint Task Force
CL Carload
CLIN  Contract Line Item Number
CLC Customer Liaison Center
CLR  Contingent Liability Report/Record; Customer Liaison Representative
CM Configuration Management, Cost Monitoring or Contract Management
CMA  Contract Management Assistant
CMC  Cost Monitoring Coordinator
CMO  Contract Management Office
CMOS Cargo Movement Operations System
CMP  Cost Monitoring Program
CMR  Contract Management Review
CMS  Cost Monitoring Specialist
CO Contracting Officer
COB  Close of Business
CoC  Certificate of Competency/Conformance
COCO  Contractor Owned/Contractor Operated
COCOM Combatant Command
COD  Contract Operations Data
CoE  Corps of Engineers
COF  Contract Operations File Element
COMMRI Communications Routing Indicator
COMSEC Communications Security
CONEX Container Express
CONOPS Concept of Operations
CONUS Continental United States
COPPER IMPACT Improve Modern Pricing and Costing Technique
COR  Contracting Officer Representative
CORTREAT Corrosion Treatment
COTR  Contracting Officer Technical Representative
CPAF  Cost Plus Award Fee
CPCR  Contractor Packaging Capability Review
CPFF  Cost Plus Fixed Fee
CPE  Criteria for Performance Excellence
CPI  Cost Performance Index
CPIF  Cost Plus Incentive Fee
CPL Customer Priority List
CPLI Critical Path Length Index
CPM  Contractor Performance Measurement
CPMS Contract Property Management System
CPN  Contract Payment Notice
CPR  Cost Performance Report/Rating
CPS  Contractor Profile System
CPSR  Contractor Purchasing Systems Review
CQA Contract Quality Assurance
CR Country Representative
CRA  Continuing Resolution Authority
CRAG  Contractor Risk Assessment Guide
CRLCMP Computer Resources Life Cycle Management Plan
CRT  Cathode Ray Tube
CS Combat Support
CSA  Compensation System Analyst
CSC  Computer System Component or Computer Software Component
CSCI  Computer Software Configuration Item
CSF  Contract Support File
CSFR  Contract Funds Status Report
CSFR  Contract Funds Status Report
CSO Contractor Self Oversight
CSU Computer Software Unit
C/SCS Cost/Schedule Control System
C/SCSC Cost/Schedule Control Systems Criteria
C/SPCS Cost/Schedule Planning Control Specification
CSS  Combat Service Support
C/SSR Cost/Schedule Status Report
C/STCS Cost/Schedule Technical Control System
CTO Cognizant Transportation Office/Officer
CTR  Capital Type Rehabilitation
CVBG  Carrier Battle Group
CWAS  Contractor’s Weighted Average Share on Cost Risk
CWBS  Contract Work Breakdown Structure
DAASC Defense Automatic Addressing System Center
DAASINQ Defense Automated Addressing System Inquiry
D&B Dun & Bradstreet
D&F Determination & Findings
DS&FM Directorate of Systems & Financial Management
DAAS Defense Activity Addressing Systems
DAASO Defense Activity Addressing System Office
DAB Defense Acquisition Board
DAC Defense Acquisition Circular
DACO Divisional Administrative Contracting Officer
DAD Defense Acquisition Deskbook
DADS DCMA Automated Disposition System
DAE Defense Acquisition Executive
DAES Defense Acquisition Executive Summary
DAR Defense Acquisition Regulation
DARC Defense Acquisition Regulatory Council
DARIC Defense Automation Resources Information Center
DARM Defense Acquisition Regulation Manual
DART Disaster Assistance Response Team
DARTS Destination Acceptance Reporting and Tracking System
DASD Direct Access Storage Device
DAU Defense Acquisition University
DAWIA Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act
DBMS Defense Business Management System
DBOF Defense Business Operating Fund
DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCARRS Defense Contract Administration Reimbursable Reporting System
DCE Defense Corporate Executive
DCEC Directorate of Contractor Employment Compliance
DCMA Defense Contract Management Agency
DCMAI Defense Contract Management Agency - International
DCMS District Cost Monitoring Specialist
DCN Document Control Number
DCS Direct Commercial Sales
DCPDS Defense Civilian Personnel Data System
DCPSO DLA Civilian Personnel Support Office
DCSC Defense Construction Supply Center
DCSENG Deputy Chief of Staff, Engineer
DCSLOG Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics
DCS/DCC Direct Commercial Sales / Direct Commercial Contract
DCST DLA Contingency Support Team
DD250 Material Inspection & Receiving Report
DDCMAO Deployable Defense Contract Management Area Operations
DDD Desired Delivery Date
DDESB DoD Explosive Safety Board
DDL Daily Delivery List
DED Data Element Description
DEIS Defense Energy Information System
DESC Defense Electronics Supply Center
DESS Data Element Standardization System
DF Damage Free
DFARS Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement/DoD FAR Supplement
DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Service
DFE Duty Free Entry
DFR Defense Fuel Region
DFSC Defense Fuels Supply Center
DFSP Defense Fuel Support Point
DGSC Defense General Supply Center
DI-MISC Data Item-Miscellaneous
DIC Document Identifier Code
DID Data Item Description
DIDS  Defense Integrated Data System
DIMES Defense Integrated Management Engineering System
DMS Defense Materials System
DIPEC Defense Industrial Plant Equipment Center
DIPR Departmental Industrial Plant Reserve
DIS Defense Investigative Service
DISAO Designated Independent Senior Acquisition Official or Board
DISC Defense Industrial Supply Center
DISCO Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office
DISCO Discrepancy in Shipment Conformation
DISP Defense Industrial Security Program
DISREP Discrepancy in Shipment Report
DLA Defense Logistics Agency
DLAD DLA Directive
DLAH DLA Handbook
DLAR DLA Regulation
DLSC Defense Logistics Services Center
DMINS Distributed Minicomputer Information Network System
DMRD Defense Management Review Decision
DMC Defense Management Council
DMIS DCAA Management Information System
DMS Defense Materials System
DMSMS Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages Program
DO DPAS Rating Symbol or Defense Order (Rated)
DoC Department of Commerce
DoD Department of Defense
DoDAAC Department of Defense Activity Address Code
DoDAAD DoD Activity Address Directory
DoDCCP DoD Central Control Point
DoDD Department of Defense Directive
DoDI Department of Defense Instruction
DoDISS Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards
DoE Department of Energy
DOES Defense Organization Entity Standard
DoL Department of Labor
DoT Department of Transportation
DPADS Defense Property Administration Data System
DPAS Defense Priorities and Allocations System
DPRO Defense Plant Representative Office
DPS Defense Priorities System
DPSA US Canada Defense Production Sharing Arrangement
DPSC Defense Personnel Support Center
DR Deficiency Report
DRMS Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service
DRO Domestic Route Order
DS Direct Support; Disclosure Statement
DSA Defense Supply Agency (Now DLA)
DSAC DLA Systems Automation Center
DSC Defense Supply Center
DSCA Defense Security Cooperation Agency
DTC Design to Cost or Delivery Term Code
DTIC Defense Technical Information Center
DTR Defense Travel Regulation; Defense Transportation Regulation
DTS Defense Transportation System
DTTS Defense Transportation Tracking System
DUNS Data Universal Numbering System
DUSD(L) Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Logistics)
DWCF  Defense Working Capital Fund
DX DPAS Rating Symbol or Defense Order-Emergency (Rated)
EA Environmental Assessment
EAC Estimate at Completion
EAD Earliest Arrival Date
EARLY CAS Early Contract Administration Services
EC Engineering Change
ECAM Energy Conservation and Management
ECARS Electronic Contract Administration Request System
ECD Estimated Completion Date
ECP Engineering Change Proposal
ECWCS Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System
EDA Electronic Document Access
EDAIS Electronic Document Automated Information System
ED&D Engineer Design & Development
EDW Electronic Document Workflow
E-E Emergency Essential
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
EIA Electronic Industries Association
EIS Executive Information System or Environmental Impact Statement
ELIN Exhibit Line Item Number
EMC Energy Management Coordinator
EMD Engineering and Manufacturing Development
EMDD Engineering & Manufacturing Development & Demonstration
ENG Engineer
EO Engineering Order
EOM End of Month
EOQ End of Quarter
EOS Equal Opportunity Specialist
EOT End of Transmission
EP/PRP Enterprise Planner/Program Requirements Plan
EPA Environmental Protection Agency or Economic Price Adjustment
EPC Environmental Pollution Control
ER Established Reliability
ESAR Extended Subsequent Application Review
ESD Electrostatic Discharge; Estimated Shipping Date
ET Eddy Current Testing
ETC Estimate to Complete
ETR Export Traffic Release
EUCAG End User Computing Assistance Group
EUCOM European Command
EUSA Eighth US Army
EV Earned Value
FA Field Activity
FAD Funding Authorization Document
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FACI First Article Configuration Inspection
FAD Final Acceptance Date
FAK Freight All Kinds
FAO Field Audit Office (DCAA)
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation
FAS Free Alongside Ship
FAST Freight Acquisition Shipping Tool
FAT  First Article Testing
FAWESP Field Activity War & Emergency Support Plan
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBM Fleet Ballistic Missile
FBR International and Federal Business Division (DCMA)
FCA Functional Configuration Audit
FCAS Foreign Contract Administration Services
FCB Functional Configuration Baseline
FCF Functional Check Flight
FCI Functional Configuration Identification
FCIO Facilities Contract Issuing Office
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FDD Final Delivery Date
FDO Flexible Deterrent Options
FDT First Destination Transportation
FEA Federal Energy Administration
FED Federal
FEDCAS Federal Contract Administration Services
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FF Freight Forwarder
FFP Firm Fixed Price
FFPLET Firm Fixed Price, Level-of-Effort-Term
FG/IO Foreign Governments/International Organizations
FGM Foreign Government Representative
FGS File Guide System
FIC Format Identifier Code
FID Foreign Internal Defense
FMC Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
FMEA Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
FMECA Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis
FMFIA Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act
FMR Financial Management Review, Financial Management Regulation
FMS Foreign Military Sales
FOB Free On Board or Freight On Board
FOD Foreign Object Damage
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
FO&SS Flight Operations & Specialized Safety
FOUO For Official Use Only
FOB Free On Board
FP Fixed Price
FPI Fixed Price Incentive
FPE Fixed Price with Escalation
FPIF Fixed Price Incentive Fee
FPO Fleet Post Office
FPR Forward Pricing Rate or Fixed Price Redeterminable
FPRA Forward Pricing Rate Agreement
FPRP Forward Pricing Rate Proposal
FPRR Forward Pricing Recommended Rate/Rate Recommendation
FQT Formal Qualification Testing
FRA Federal Railroad Administration
FRACAS Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System
FRB Failure Review Board
FRS Freight Rate Specialist
FSC Federal Supply Classification
FSCM Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers
FSG Federal Supply Group
FSR Field Support Representative
FSS Federal Supply Schedule
FTD Federal Travel Directory
FTE Full Time Equivalent
FY Fiscal Year
G&A General and Administrative
GAO Government Accountability Office
GBL Government Bill of Lading
GFE Government Furnished Equipment
GFM Government Furnished Material; Global Freight Management
GFP Government Furnished Property
GFR Government Flight Representative
GFRC Ground and Flight Risk Clause
GFS Government Furnished Software
GFY Government Fiscal Year
GIDEP Government-Industry Data Exchange Program
GMSW&D Guaranteed Maximum Shipping Weight and Dimensions
GO General Orders
GOBILS Government Bill of Lading System
GO/CO Government Owned/Contractor Operated
GO/GO Government Owned/Government Operated
GOV Government Owned Vehicle
GPRA Government Performance and Results Act
GP&RP Government Production and Research Property
GPLR Government Purpose License Rights
CGA Government Quality Assurance
GRT Government Rate Tender
GS General Support
GSA General Services Administration
GTN Global Transportation Network
HAZMAT Hazardous Material
HCF High Carbon Ferrochrome
HOL High Order Language
HQ Headquarters
HN Host Nation
I/PS Insurance/Pension Specialist
IA/IMOU International Agreement/International Memorandum of Understanding
IAA Inter-Agency Agreement
IAC Integrating Associate Contractor
IATA  International Air Transport Authority
IAW In Accordance With
IBOP International Balance of Payment
ICBM Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
IC Invoice Control
ICC Interstate Commerce Commission
ICMO Indirect Cost Monitoring System
ICP Inventory Control Point
ICS Internal Customer Support
ID Identification or Infantry Division
IDD Interface Design Document
IDEF Integrated computer-aided manufacturing DEFinition languages; Integration DEFinition
IDSS Inquiry Delivery Schedule Status
IDTC Indefinite Delivery-Type Contracts
IDWA Inter-Divisional Work Authorization
IFB Invitation for Bid
IFOR Implementation Force
ILRO Industrial Labor Relations Office/Officer
ILS Integrated Logistics Support
ILSMT Integrated Logistics Support Management Team
ILSP Integrated Logistics Support Plan
ILT Independent Lab Testing
IM Item/Inventory Manager
IMCR Internal Management Control Review
IMIP Industrial Modernization Incentives Program
IMIPBA IMIP Business Agreement
IOA Internal Operational Assessment
IOM Inter Office Memorandum
IOT Initial Operational Test
IPA Independent Public Accountant
IPD Issue Priority Designator or Integrated Product Development
IPPD Integrated Product and Process Development
IPE Industrial Plant Equipment
IPG Issue Priority Group
IPM Industrial Preparedness Measures
IPP Industrial Preparedness Program
IPPP Industrial Preparedness Planning Program
IPR Industrial Preparedness Representative
I/PS Insurance/Pension Specialist
IPT  Integrated Product Team
IPT-PRICING Integrated Product Team-Pricing
IQUE In-Plant Quality Evaluation
IR&D Independent Research and Development
IRAN Inspect and Repair As Necessary
IRPOD Individual Repair Parts Ordering Data
IRRIS Intelligent Road/Rail Information Server
IRS Internal Revenue Service or Interface Requirements Specification
IRT Initial Response Team or Individual Readiness Training
IS Industrial Specialist
ISB Intermediate Staging Base
ISSA Inter Service Support Agreement
ITA Industry and Trade Administration
ITN Internal Transaction Number
IV Implementation Visits
J1/S1/G1/N1 Manpower and Personnel
J2/S2/G2/N2 Intelligence
J3/S3/G3/N3 Operations
J4/S4/G4/N4 Logistics
J5/N5 Plans and Policies
J6/N6 Command, Control, Communications, and Computers
J7 Operational Plans and Interoperability
J&A Justification and Approval
JAMAC Joint Aeronautical Material Activity
JAN Joint Army Navy
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JFC Joint Force Commander
JHCS Joint Hazard Classification System
JMPTC Joint Military Packaging Training Center
JOA Joint Operations Area
JOPES Joint Operation Planning and Execution System
JPOM Joint Preparation for Onward Movement
JTF Joint Task Force
JTR Joint Travel Regulation
JULLS Joint Uniform Lessons Learned System
LAD L Latest Arrival Date
LAPERS Labor and Production Effectiveness Reporting System
LBE Load Bearing Equipment
LCC Life Cycle Cost
LCL Less Than Carload
LDD Loss, Damage, or Destruction
L1 Level 1
LIS Line Item Summary
LN Local Nationals
LNO Liaison Officer
LOA Letters of Offer and Acceptance; Line of Accounting; Letter of Agreement
LOB Line of Balance
LOC Lines of Communications
LOD Letter of Delegation
LOE Level of Effort
LOGCAP Logistics Civil Augmentation Program
LOI Letter of Instruction
LORA Level of Repair Analysis
LRC Lesser Regional Conflict or Logistics Readiness Center
LRE Latest Revised Estimate
LRIP Low Rate Initial Production
LSA Logistics Support Analysis or Labor Surplus Area or Logistics Support Area
LSAR Logistics Support Analysis Report
LSE Logistics Support Element
LSER Labor Standards Enforcement Report
L/T Line Item
M&O Maintenance and Overhaul
MAAB Military Assistance Advisory Board
MAAG Military Assistance Advisory Group
MAAPR Material Acceptance and Accounts Payable Report
MAC Military Airlift Command
MACOM Major Command
MAEPC Management Area Environmental Protection Coordinator
MAF Master Address File
MAJCOM Major Command
ManTech Manufacturing Technology
MAP Military Assistance Program
MAPAD Military Assistance Program Address Directory
MARFOR Marine Forces
MASM Military Assistance and Sales Manual
MATE Modular Automatic Test Equipment
MBE Minority Business Enterprise
M/C Major/Critical
MCCR Mission Critical Computer Resources
MCF Master Contract File
MCP Management Control Plan
MCR Management Control Review
MCSS Military Clothing Sales Store
MDE  MOCAS Data Entry
MDO Modifications and Delivery Orders (etool)
MDR Material Deficiency Report
MDS Major Defense System
MEB Marine Expeditionary Brigade
MEI Management Engineering Inspection
MGI Mandatory Government Inspection
MHE Material Handling Equipment
MI Mandatory Inspection
MICAP Military Capability
MIF Master Inventory File
MIL-HDBK Military Handbook
MIL-STD Military Standard
MILSCAP Military Standard Contract Administration Procedures
MILSTEP Military Supply and Transportation Evaluation Procedure
MILSTRAP Military Standard Transportation Reporting and Accounting Procedures
MILSTRIP Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures
MILVAN Military Owned Demountable Container
MIP Management Improvement Program
MIPR Military Interdepartmental Procurement Request
MIR Management Information Report
MIRR Material Inspection and Receiving Report
MIS Management Information System
MISS Management Information Subsystem
MLI Munitions List Item
MLU Minimum Level of Effort
MMAS Material Management and Accounting System
MMR Mission Management Review
MNF Multinational Force
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOCAS Mechanization of Contract Administration Services
MOD Modification
MOE Measure of Effectiveness
MOFAST Mechanization of Freight & Shipping Terminal
MOD/IRAN Modification/Inspection & Repair As Necessary
MOM Military Official Mail
MOP Monthly Obligation Plan; Measure of Performance
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MOWASP Mechanization of Warehousing & Shipment Processing
MPCAG Military Parts Control Advisory Group
MPCP Modified Plant Clearance Program
MR Material Review or Management Reserve
MRB Material Review Board
MRC Major Regional Conflict
MRC Material Readiness Command
MRE Meal, Ready to Eat
MRL Material Requirements List
MRO Material Release Order
MRP Material Requirements Planning
MSC Military Sealift Command or Major Subordinate Command
MSCA Military Support to Civil Authorities
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
MSS Minimum Size of Shipment
MT Magnetic Particle Testing
MTA Military Transportation Authorization
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
MTMR Military Traffic Management Regulation
MTTR Mean Time To Repair
MTW Major Theater of War
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAVAIR Naval Air Systems Command
NAVFOR Naval Forces
NAVSEA Naval Sea Systems Command
NAVSUP Naval Supply Systems Command
NBC Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical
NCA National Command Authority
NEW Net Explosive Weight
NCO National Credit Office
NDT Nondestructive Testing
NEO Noncombatant Evacuation Operations
NEPA National Environmental Policy Act
NGA Non-governmental Agency
NIB National Institute for the Blind
NIPR National Industrial Plant Reserve
NIS Naval Investigative Service
NISH National Institute for the Severely Handicapped
NLA Notice of Last Action
NLRB National Labor Relations Board
NLT Not Later Than
NMCC National Military Command Center
NMFC National Motor Freight Classification
NMT Not More Than
NN No Need
NNPP Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program
NOA Notice of Availability
NOIBN Not Otherwise Indexed By Name
NOR Notice of Revision
NORS Not Operationally Ready Supply
NPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
NPM Nuclear Plant Material
NSE National Support Element
NSN National Stock Number
NSTR Naval Sea Technical Representative
NTE Not To Exceed.
O&A Over and Above or Operations Analyst
O&M Operations and Maintenance
OC  Object Classification
OCONUS Outside Continental United States
OM&R Overhaul, Maintenance and Repair
OS&D Over, Short, and Damaged
OE/H8 Handbook of Nongovernmental Organization Codes for MILSCAP
O/S On Schedule
OASD Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense
OBL Ocean Bill of Lading or Obligated
OCI Office of Corollary Interest
OCIE Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment
OCONUS Outside the Continental United States
OCR Optical Card Reader; Office of Corollary Responsibility; Office of Collateral Responsibility; Office of Coordinating Responsibility
ODO Other Disbursing Office
ODSS On Order Delivery and Schedule Summary
OE Organizational Entities
OEP Office of Emergency Preparedness
OFCCP Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
OFI  Opportunity for Improvement
OGA Other Governmental Agency
OHM Office of Hazardous Materials
OISI Office of Industrial Security International
OJT On-the-Job Training
OMA Operations and Maintenance Appropriation
OMB Office of Management and Budget
OOTW Operations-Other-Than-War
OPCON Operational Control
OPE Other Plant Equipment
OPI Office of Primary Interest
OPLAN Operations Plan
OPORD Operations Order
OPR Office of Primary Responsibility
OPSEC Operations Security
OQE Objective Quality Evidence
OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Act/Administration
OSI Office of Special Investigation
OSR  Office of Supporting Responsibility
OT Other Transactions
OTB Over Target Baseline
OTEMPO Operation Tempo
OTIS Office of Telecommunications and Information Systems
OTS Over Target Schedule
P&A P Priorities and Allocations
P&TS Program & Technical Support
PBM Performance-Based Management
PF&D Personal, Fatigue, and Delay
PH&T Packaging, Handling & Transportation
POA&M Plan of Action and Milestones
PP&A Prepay and Add
P/CA Price/Cost Analyst
PA Property Administrator or Price Analyst
PAAL Property Administration Assignment List
PACOM Pacific Command
PADR Production Administration Delinquency Report
PAM Priorities and Allocations Manual (DoD Inst 4410.1)
PAOC Postaward Orientation Conference
PAR Performance Assessment Review
PAS Preaward Survey
PASM Preaward Survey Manager
PASRB Pre-award Survey Review Board
PASS Preaward Survey System
PAT Process Action Team
PBD  Program Budget Decision
PBO Paid By Others
PBP Performance Based Payments
PC Production Control or Plant Clearance
PCA Physical Configuration Audit
PCB Product Configuration Baseline or Parts Control Board PCC Production Control Clerk
PCC Production Control Clerk or Progress Control Clerk
PCD Production Control Desk
PCI Product Configuration Identification
PCN Production Control Number
PCO Procuring Contracting Officer
PCP Parts Control Program
PCS  Permanent Change of Station
PCSA Property Control System Analysis
PDD Priority Delivery Date
PDLM Periodic Depot Level Maintenance
PDM Program Decision Memorandum, Programmed Depot Maintenance
PDR Preliminary Design Review
PDW  Procurement Defense Wide
PE Production Engineer
PEC Plant Equipment Code
PEMA Procurement of Equipment and Missiles Account
PEO Program Executive Officer
PEP Plant Equipment Package or Performance Evaluation Package
PERS Performance Evaluation Reporting System
PERT Progress Evaluation and Review Techniques
PI Program Integrator
PICAD Program Integrator's Contractor Assessment Data
PIECOST Probability of Incurring Estimated Cost
PIIN Procurement Instrument Identification Number
PIO Performance Improvement Officer, Provisioned Item Order
PKN Inspection Acceptance Report Card
PKX Unclosed Contract Status Report
PKZ Contract Closeout Extension Notice or Contract Closeout Status
PK5 Inspection Acceptance Alert Card or Acceptance Alert to a Destination Point
PK9 Contract Completion Statement or Final Contract Completion Notice
PLAS Performance Labor Accounting System
PLCL Plant Clearance
PLCO Plant Clearance Officer
PLFA Primary Level Field Activity
PM Program Management
PMBOK Program/Project Management Body Of Knowledge
PMC Program Managed Contract
PMJEG Performance Measurement Joint Executive Group
PMO Program Management Office
PMOLANT Polaris Missile Office, U.S. Atlantic Fleet
PMPS Parts, Materials, and Processes Selection List
PMR Precious Metals Recovery, Program Manager's Review, Process Management Review
PMS Performance Measurement System
PMSO Program Management Support Officer or Program Manager Support Office
PNM Price Negotiation Memorandum
PO Purchase Order or Purchasing Office
POD Port of Debarkation
POE Port of Embarkation
POL Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricants
POM Program Objectives Memorandum, Preparation for Onward Movement
POV Privately Owned Vehicle
PP Progress Payments
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
PPI Past Performance Information
PPP Preservation, Packaging, and Packing
PPR Physical Progress Review or Progress Payment Report or Request
PPBS  Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System
PPSL Program Parts Selection List
PPSR Progress Payment System Review
PQA Procurement Quality Assurance
PQDR Product Quality Deficiency Report
PR Purchase Request or Preliminary Review
PRAG Performance Risk Assessment Group
PRO Publication Requirement Officer
PROMA Program Managed Contracts Report
PRON Procurement Requisition Order Number
PROCAS Process Oriented Contraction Administration Service
PROSUP II Program Support II Database
PRR Production Readiness Review
PRS Provisioning Requirements Statement
PSA Procurement Systems Analyst
PSC Production Surveillance Category or Packaging Services Contract or Production Schedule Completion
PSCN/R Production Schedule Completion Notice/Report
PSCR Production Schedule Completion Report
PSD Program Status Data
PSE Principal Staff Element
PSI PowerTrack Summary Invoice
PSP Program Surveillance Plan
PSR Production Surveillance Reporting
PSRC Presidential Selected Reserve Call-up
PSS Protective Security Service
PST Product/Program Support Team
PT Penetrant Testing
PTD Provisioning Technical Documentation
QA Quality Assurance
QAA Quality Assurance Assistant
QAE Quality Assurance Engineering
QALI Quality Assurance Letter of Instruction
QAR Quality Assurance Representative
QAS Quality Assurance Specialist
QD Quantity Distance
QDR Quality Deficiency Report
QML Qualified Manufactures List
QPL Qualified Parts List
QPL/QML Qualified Parts List/Qualified Manufactures List
R&D R Research and Development
R&E R Review and Evaluation or Research and Engineering
R&M R Reliability and Maintainability
RA Risk Assessment or Readiness Assessment
RC Reserve Component
RAM Reliability, Availability, & Maintainability
RAMP Risk Assessment Management Program
RCAS Residual Capability Assessment Survey
RCMS Region Cost Monitoring Specialist
RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
RCS Reports Control Systems
RCM Reconciliation and Closure Manual (DoD)
RDD Required Delivery Date
RDF Revised Delivery Forecast
RDMF Report Distribution Master File
RDT&E Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation
REMC Regional Energy Management Coordinator
REPC Region Environmental Production Coordinator
REPSHIP Report of Shipment
RFB Request for Bid
RFD Request for Deviation
RFID Radio Frequency Identification
RFP Request for Proposal
RFQ Request for Quotation
RFW Request for Waiver
RGQA Request for Government Quality Assurance
RGS Reading Group Specialist Code
RI Ro Routing Identifier
RIC Routing Identifier Code
RIF  Reduction in Force
RILS Resident Integrated Logistics Support
RIW Reliability Improvement Warranty
RO Route Order
ROD Report of Discrepancy
ROE Rules of Engagement
ROI Return on Investment
ROID Report of Item Discrepancy
ROM Rough Order of Magnitude or Read Only Memory
RORO Roll On Roll Off
RT Radiographic Testing
RTAT Repair Turnaround Time
SAAC Security Assistance Accounting Center
SACAM Ship Acquisition Contract Administration Manual
SADBU Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
SAE Service Acquisition Executive; Society of Automotive Engineers
SAEDA Subversion and Espionage Directed Against the United States
SAMM Security Assistance Management Manual (DoD)
SAMMS Standard Automated Material Management System
SAP Special Access Program
SAR Subsequent Application Review or Special Access Required
SAV Staff Assistance Visit
SB/EU Small Business/Economic Utilization
SB/LSA Small Business/Labor Surplus Area
SBA Small Business Administration
SC Surveillance Category
SCA Status Control Activity or Supporting Contract Administration
SCCB Software Change Control Board
SCD Source Control Drawing
SDD Software Design Document; System Development & Demonstration
SDDC Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
SDF Software Development Files
SDL Software Development Library
SDLM Standard Depot Level Maintenance
SDP Software Development Plan
SDR System Design Review
SDT Second Destination Transportation
SDW Shared Data Warehouse
SECNAVINST Secretary of the Navy Instruction
SECP Special Emphasis Contract Program
SED Shipper's Export Declaration; Security Export Declaration
SEMP System Engineering Management Plan
SEMS Systems Engineering Master Schedule
SERD Systems Engineering Requirements Document
SF Standard Form
SFOR Stabilization Force
SI Shipping Instruction
SICM  System for Integrated Contract Management
SID Scheduled Implementation Date
SIR Special Inspection Requirement
SITREP Situation Report
SJ Sack Jacket
SLFA Secondary Level Field Activity
SLI Strategic List Item
SM Subcontracting Management
SMART Special Emphasis Material Action & Reporting Technique
SML Support Material List
SMO Senior Management Official
SOFA Status of Forces Agreement
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SOUTHCOM Southern Command
SOW Statement of Work
SPA Specification Preparing Activity
SPC Statistical Process Control
SPCC Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure
SPDP Software Professional Development Program
SPI Support Program Integrator or Single Process Initiative
SPIIN Supplemental Procurement Instrument Identification Number
SPN Shipment Performance Notice
SPOD Sea Port of Debarkation
SPOE Sea Port of Embarkation
SPR Special Process Review
SPRDE-PSE Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering – Program Systems Engineer
SPS Software Product Specification
SQA Supplier Quality Assurance or Software Quality Assurance
SQPP Software Quality Program Plan
SRM  Supplier Risk Management
SRO Standing Route Order
SRP Standard Repair Procedure
SRR System Requirements Review or Shipment Request Register
SRS Software Requirements Specification
SSAC Source Selection Advisory Council
SSCO Shipper Service Control Office
SSB Source Selection Board
SSDD System/Segment Design Document
SSEB Source Selection Evaluation Board
SSHA Subsystem Hazard Analysis
SSR System Specification Review or System Status Review
SSS Signature Security Service or System/Segment Specification
ST Special Tooling
STANAG Standardization Agreement
STE Special Test Equipment
STP System Test Plan or Software Test Plan
STR Software Test Report
SUBSAFE Submarine Safety Certification Program
T&P Transportation and Packaging
TA-50 Table of Allowance
TACP Technical Analysis of Cost Proposal
TAB Total Allocated Budget
TAC Transportation Account Code
TAG Technical Assessment Group; Training Advisory Group
TAMS Termination Automated Management System
TCAIMS Transportation Coordinator Automated Command and Control Information System
TCASSIS Transportation Coordinators Automated Information for Movements System II
TCD Task Completion Date
TCMD Transportation Control and Movement Document
TCN Transportation Control Number or Third Country Nationals
TCO Termination Contracting Officer
TD Terminal Digit
TDP Technical Data Package
TDR Transportation Discrepancy Report
TDRR Transportation Discrepancy Report Register
TDY Temporary Duty
TechRep Technical Representative
TelCon Telephone Conversation
TEM Transportability Engineering Management
TEMP Test and Evaluation Master Plan or Transportability Engineering Management Program
TFG Terminal Facilities Guide
TFO Transactions For Others
TISS Transportation Information Subsystem
TL Truckload
T&M Time and Materials
TM Technical Manual
TMA Traffic Management Analyst
TMD Technical Management Database
TMS Traffic Management Specialist
TO Table of Organization
TO Transportation Officer or Technical Order
TOA Total Obligating Authority
TOFC Trailer on Flat Car
TP Transportation Priority
TPFDD Time-Phased Force Deployment Data
TPFDL Time-Phased Force Deployment List
TPM Technical Performance Measure
TPS Test Program Set
TQM Total Quality Management
TR Transportation Request
TRAMS Transportation Automated Management System
TRR Test Readiness Review
TSN Technical Support to Negotiations
TUO Technology Utilization Officer
TUSA Third US Army
U/I U Unit of Issue
UAIS Unique Automated Information System
UCA Undefinitized Contract Action
UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice
UFC Uniform Freight Classification
ULO Unliquidated Obligation
ULP Unfair Labor Practice
UM Unit of Measure
UMMIPS Uniform Material Movement and Issue Priority System
UMR Unsatisfactory Material Report
UN United Nations
UNC United Nations Command
UPP Unliquidated Progress Payments
US United States
USA Unit Self Assessment
USACE US Army Corps of Engineers
USACECOM US Army Communications-Electronics Command
USAMC US Army Materiel Command
USAREUR US Army Europe
USC United States Code
USCG United States Coast Guard
USD(AT&L) Under of Defense (Acquisition, Technology & Logistics)
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
USD/R&E Under Secretary of Defense Research & Engineering
USFK US Forces, Korea
USPS United States Postal Service
VA Variance Analysis or Veterans Administration
VAT Value Added Tax
VDD Version Description Document
VE Value Engineering or Voucher Examiner
VEC Value Engineering Coordinator
VECP Value Engineering Change Proposal
VERA  Voluntary Early Retirement Authority
VIQ Variation in Quantity
VIS Visual
VMR Volume Movement Report
WATS Wide Area Telephone Service
WBS Work Breakdown Structure
WESP War and Emergency Support Plan
WHNS Wartime Host Nation Support
WIP Work in Process
WM Work Measurement
WP Work Package
WPOD Water Port of Debarkation
WPOE Water Port of Embarkation
WSP Weapon Systems Pouch
WSPS Weapon Systems Pouch Service
ZIP Zone Improvement Plan