DD Form 250 Guidance for the Contractor



Legal Requirement:


The Material Inspection and Receiving Report (MIRR) or DD250 (as it is most commonly called) is the Department of Defense form required by most contracts for supplies and many for services.  DFARS Clause 252.246-7000, Material Inspection and Receiving Report (MIRR) is the clause in your contract that requires submission of this form.  Part 246.370 of the DFARS prescribes inclusion of this clause in solicitations and contracts when there will be separate and distinct deliverables (separately or not separately priced).  Guidance for completion and submission of the DD Form 250 (MIRR) can be found in Appendix F of the DFARS. 


What this means to you (as a contractor) is that at the time of each delivery of supplies or services, you must prepare and distribute to the Government a material inspection and receiving report, also called a DD Form 250 or MIRR.  This DD250 documents the inspection/acceptance, receipt (as necessary), and delivery/shipment date.




For contracts managed by DCMA, you will have to submit your DD250s to the Contract Management Office (CMO) for processing.  DD 250s may be submitted to the Government either in paper format or electronically through Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF).  In either format, it is the responsibility of the contractor to prepare, submit for acceptance (source or destination), and make distribution of the DD250.  Errors in completion of this form may delay processing by the CMO and could result in delay in recording of deliveries and payment of invoices. 


If you choose to submit a paper DD250, you may obtain copies of this document from your local CMO or from the GSA website.  Contractual block by block instructions can be found in DFARS Appendix F.  Helpful hints can be found in the attached DD250 Helpful Hints document.  If you are unsure about completion of any of these blocks, please call your assigned QAR, ACO, or contract administrator.  They can assist you in proper completion of this document.  Once you have properly completed this form, you are ready to move to the next step.


Source Inspection or Acceptance:


If your contract requires source inspection or inspection/acceptance, you will need to notify your assigned QAR that you are ready for inspection.  FAR 52.246-2(i)(1) and (2), Inspection of Supplies – Fixed Price states that when the contract provides for quality assurance at source, as requested by the Government, the contractor shall furnish advance notification of the time inspection or tests will be performed and when the supplies will be ready for Government inspection.  This advance notification should not provide less than 2 workdays notice if the Government representative is in residence at the plant or more than 7 workdays notice in other instances.  What this means is that you need to give a sufficient advance notification to the Government representative to allow them to work your request into their schedule.  If you call for a QAR on the day you wish to ship or the day of the contractually specified due date, it is very possible that the Government representative will not be able to accommodate your request.  You need to plan accordingly to ensure that you can provide the required advance notification and meet the delivery date. 


Once the QAR has inspected/accepted your product, he/she will sign the document in block 21, as appropriate.  You may then proceed with distribution of the DD250 in accordance with Appendix F.  Once the item has been shipped, you may submit your invoices to the appropriate DFAS payment office.  If your contract specifies origin acceptance and FOB destination, DFAS will require proof of delivery/evidence of shipment with your invoice. 


Destination Inspection and Acceptance:


If your contract provides for both inspection and acceptance at destination, you must distribute the MIRR by the close of business on the next work day following shipment.  Distribution tables can be found in DFARS Appendix F.


Corrections to the DD250:


Only the contractor is authorized to make corrections to the DD250.  Therefore, contractors should ensure that the information included on the DD250 is accurate and reflective of the contract requirements.  Any discrepancy between the DD250 and the data entered in the Government database (MOCAS for most DCMA managed contracts) will require the CMO to delay processing of the DD250 while verification of the data is pursued.  If it is determined that the DD250 is in error, the CMO will return the document to the contractor for correction.  In the event that the DD250 is returned, the contractor must correct and resubmit the document.  If it is determined that the Government database is in error, the database will be corrected and the DD250 processed.


If a correction to the DD250 is required, you should circle the error and place the corrected information in the same block in accordance with paragraph F-305 of DFARS Appendix F.  If the same block is not available, use block 16 to indicate correction and indicate page/block in error.  All corrected DD250s should be marked as “Corrected Copy.”  If a correction is required to blocks 15 (item number) or 17 (quantity), the DCMA QAR must verify correction (they usually initial off/date the correction) before resubmission to the CMO. 



Payment  of Invoices:


In order to get paid on your invoices by DFAS, your DD250s must by received and processed by the CMO.  Once shipment has been made, you may submit your invoice to DFAS unless the contract otherwise restricts eligibility for invoicing.  See the DFAS Payment Information Guide for specific details on invoice submission.  Upon receipt of an invoice at the payment office, DFAS representatives will ensure that the DD250 has been received and processed by the CMO.  If this DD250 has been returned for correction, DFAS will likely return the invoice until a proper DD250 has been processed by DCMA.   If DFAS returns the invoice, you will need to correct and redistribute the MIRR and resubmit the invoice.


If your contract requires destination acceptance, you should note that DFAS will not be able to pay your invoices until this destination acceptance is received from the appropriate receiving activity.  They will either sign the DD250 in block 21 B or notify DFAS electronically.  Once DFAS has processed this acceptance, they will authorize payment of any proper invoices.


Electronic Submission:


Submission of DD250s:

If you choose to submit your DD250 electronically, you will need to utilize the Wide Area Workflow – Receipt and Acceptance (WAWF-RA) system.  Information about this system can be found on the web at http://www.wawftraining.com/.  WAWF is fast becoming the method of choice in submission of DD250s.  The benefits include elimination of paper-based support functions, global accessibility, near elimination of lost or misplaced documents, accuracy of documents (any errors should be immediately identified), secure and auditable, and timely, accurate payments.  Using WAWF reduces mailing time often seen with rejected DD250s and contributes to more timely payment of invoices.  If you are a DoD vendor and wish to attend a formal, computer classroom training session to learn how to use Wide Area Workflow (WAWF), please contact your local DCMA WAWF Point of Contact (POC) or send an email to Ms. Carol Albany at carol.albany@dcma.mil or Mr. Gunther Imer at gunther.imer@dcma.mil.



Submission of Invoices:

WAWF also may be used to submit invoices electronically to DFAS.  DFARS clause 252.232-7003 requires contractors to submit all requests for payment electronically.  If this clause is in your contract, you must comply or DFAS will not pay your invoices.  WAWF is one of three acceptable electronic commerce formats for electronic submission of your invoices.  More information regarding electronic commerce at DFAS can be found at http://www.dod.mil/dfas/ecedi/ .  In either case, submission of an accurate DD250 is the key to documenting timely delivery and ensuring timely payment of invoices.




 Additional sources of information:


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DD 250 Helpful Hints link:  http://www.dcma.mil/DCMAHQ/cntr-dcmac-j/index.htm


DFAS’s Contractor Payment Information link:  http://www.dod.mil/dfas/commpay/contractorpayment/


DCMA Electronic Invoicing page link:  http://www.dcma.mil/DCMAHQ/cntr-dcmac-j/index.htm