Information Memorandum No. 08-126
Subject:  DCMA Access to the Commercial Asset Visibility (CAV) program (INFORMATION)
Date:  January 22, 2008
Target Audience:  
DCMA personnel responsible for Agency Level Performance Commitments (ALPC) to influence improvement in repair turn around time (RTAT)

New Information, Guidance and Tools:

  1. Ask the contractor's CAV Reporter to provide contact information for the customer's CAV Analyst responsible for that facility.
  2. Complete the appropriate System Authorization Access Request form and provide it to the appropriate customer CAV Analyst for authorization to access their database.  Management personnel should request system-wide access.  Other personnel should request access for their specific contractor's DoDAAC.  System Authorization Access Request forms:

    NAVICP Philadelphia
    NAVICP Mechanicsburg
    AFMC (all ALCs)      For OC-ALC forward completed form to  For WR-ALC and OO-ALC, follow 1 above.                                   

  3. Consult the customer's CAV Analyst, a DCMA Property Administrator or the POC listed below for guidance on using the program.
  4. Repeat the process for Navy Inventory Control Point or AFMC Air Logistics Centers as required.  Only one request is required to view all AFMC data
This information is applicable to the Performance/Metrics section of the Manufacturing and Production guidebook process.

Point of Contact for Further Information


Director, Product Assurance Division