DCMA and NASA Certification and Training Requirements for Multifunctional Personnel

Purpose: To provide competency and certification information to Multifunctional Personnel with delegated NASA support requirements. 

Requirement: Training requirements are determined by DCMA Policy, NASA Policy, and/or NASA Delegation. As with any highly visible, flight critical program, NASA training requirements are rigorous and personnel shall be diligent to ensure their certifications are current. 

DCMA training requirements are based on career field requirements, NASA Policy Directive (NPD 8730.5), and requirements stated in NASA Letter of Delegation (LoD).   NPD 8730.5, mandates that DCMA - as a government agency representing NASA “shall ensure that its personnel are adequately trained, qualified, and certified in the technical requirements of NASA procurement, and in processing, fabricating, inspection, testing, and nondestructive evaluation (NDE) techniques including ultrasonic testing and radiography. They shall establish a training schedule for all personnel requiring training and certification in NASA requirements”.   

Time spent attending mandatory training in support of NASA Letters of Delegation (LoDs) (i.e. Workmanship Standards Training (WST) courses, S46, SMIL101/U07 etc) is considered reimbursable and shall be charged to the appropriate Document Control Number (DCN). 

     1.    Mandatory Training:  DCMA mandated training is required for multifunctional personnel who support NASA LoDs and they shall fulfill the following requirements:   ·          

2.    S46 and AS9100 Requirements:

3.    Certification and Recertification responsibilities:

4.    The Certification Process:  Personnel shall be aware of the date their certification expires, are expected to recertify in a timely manner, and shall maintain current certification.   

5.    Corrective Action: Any course failures require corrective action by the student and their immediate supervisor.  If the supervisor determines that the student is capable of passing the course, a second chance will be given.  The student must completely restart the entire training process. This means verifying the need on the eIDP, resubmitting forms, or retaking the course.  After a second failure, the FLS shall ensure personnel are not working on NASA LoDs /accepting product without:

6.  Priorities:  NASA Coordinators will jointly work with Training Coordinators and FLSs to identify personnel who require NASA training for initial certification or recertification purposes. The training will be prioritized according to the following: